Feb 222012

We made a video to tell our story.

Nine years ago, we sat in a small room in a circle for a weekly Bible study. We called it a community group. None of us had kids yet. Most of us were newly married.

As months went by, we learned that it was much easier to talk “deep” when the husbands weren’t around.  So, we formed a women’s Community Group.

Our group became less of a study group and more of a real community. Baby showers. Dinners. Potluck suppers. Movie night. Running 5K’s.  Most of us attend different churches now, but we are still a community. Jenn, Rachel, Shelly, Amory, Nicole, Liz, Heather and I were doing life together.

We had no idea when we first sat down in the small room what “doing life together” would mean for our group. 

It started with a brother taking his life. Jenn was 8 months pregnant when she found out her husband’s brother died.

Then, Rachel’s family was in crisis. Shelly’s family was facing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

After my miscarriage, we heard that Amory  found out her precious baby boy has Spina Bifida.

This is the same baby that 9 months later, she placed on my chest the day HeeJun died.

A husband in this group was dead. That had to be it, right? No more tragedy, right?

A few months later, Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer. We started joking that we should wear shirts that say “Be our friend at your own risk”.

Then the dreaded text, “Calling the troops.”

Liz’s husband was in the ICU. Her baby was only a few weeks old. This ICU visit would result in a life changing, devastating brain injury with loss of vision, hearing difficulties, and memory loss. (You can read her story and pray at www.caringbridge.org/visit/BrianSanders).

Heather made a drastic change to move in with Liz and her family.

Why did God place us all together? 

I think He knit our lives together, so that when tradegy struck, we could remind each other that we are not alone. We could comfort each other when life did not turn out the way we had planned. We could give each other practical tips on grief and understand each other more because we get it. We could tell each other it’s okay to be mad and sad…and it’s okay to have fun and smile.

We could remind each other of Christ’s love, strength and comfort. 



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  3 Responses to “Belonging to a Community”

  1. beautiful!! thanks for sharing this!!

  2. I do not know the rest of the women in your group but have prayed for them and thought of them. Every time you share these bits here or on Facebook, you bring to light what could be very dark. Thank you for giving their stories a voice.

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