Jan 032012

Another big, and expected (duh) change is my new Alarmist personality.

Chad has a cold. It’s pneumonia and he’s going die. Chad is on the roof. He’s going to fall off and be paralyzed.  Brittany didn’t text. She was in a car accident. Baby has a fever. Take her to the hospital. We hear a boom in the woods. A house blew up.

It has almost become a joke.

One of the things I asked him to complete this year is to sign up for life insurance (I know! Why don’t we have it yet!?) and to make a list of all the passwords, bills he pays, and how-to’s in the house. Oh my word! I hope and pray I will never, ever, ever have to use it. But the alarmist in me says otherwise.

Praise God that He knows my heart and cares for me. Thank God that I know He is in control.


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  3 Responses to “Ring the Alarm”

  1. Life insurance is cheaper the younger you are so this is wise both of you need it…..and it is fun seeing you growing up to be the women and wife God wants you to be…

  2. All those things are wise to have done ahead of time. They will give you peace of mind for sure! :)

  3. Wise to get on the life insurance as soon as you can.

    I was a wreck in the first year or so after remarrying. If R was late, he was dead in his truck somewhere. Putting dd on the school bus had me in a tizzy for the morning worrying about her.

    I would like to say that after five years, I am not plagued by irrational fear anymore, but sometimes the spidey sense nags at me. Once you have lost someone, your innocence is gone and it’s not coming back, but you eventually aren’t frightened by every shadow anymore. It calms down with time.

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